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Casa Cocola

This beautiful ancient stone house, which we now call Casa Cocola, is located in Čohilji which is a part of a small settlement called Previž (a group of 12 small hamlets located on the hills between the Lipa and Borutski streams). It is believed that the area was inhabited in prehistoric and Roman times, as well as in the early Middle Ages. It was only in the 13th century that it was mentioned in church records and later, in 1528, in state documents. It was owned by the Patriarchate of Aquileia, and in the 14th century became a part of the Principality of Pazin. The settlement suffered on several occasions in wars between the Venetians and the Habsburgs and the population was decreasing. In the 16th century, and probably before, there was a strong Glagolitic tradition (inscription of priest Ivan Bubić engraved on a late Gothic silver gilded chalice, in 1588), and Previž was the chaplaincy of the Diocese of Pićan until its abolition. The chaplain was chosen by the locals themselves and supported by tithes. The situation in the settlement improved with the construction of the road from Pazin to Učka at the beginning of the 16th century, especially when the railroad was built half a century later. 

The "Casa Cocola" includes two separate apartments, Gioia and Rosa and rooms Emilia. Gioia and Rosa have their living room and kitchen/dining on the main floor, and bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms on the first floor. Rooms Emilia are located in the adjacent building. In front of the house is a lounge area and separate entrances for every apartment and in the back, there is a pool and a spacious covered patio with an oversized table seating 14+ people.

Apartment Gioia has one spacious bedroom for 2 with a desk and an ensuite bathroom. The main floor consists of a spacious fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and washing machine, a dining table and a lounge area with a smart TV. 

Apartment Rosa is the most spacious apartment and has two bedrooms for 2 with ensuite bathrooms on the first floor. It has split level main floor with a big fully equipped dine-in kitchen with a dishwasher and a washing machine. A few steps lead to the living room with a big fireplace and a big smart TV. 

Rooms Emilia consists of a bedroom for 2 with an ensuite bathroom, and a connecting room with a bathroom, two single beds, a couch, and a TV.

The house can accommodate 12 guests comfortably, 8 in the bedrooms, and 4 can be accommodated on the extra/sofa beds (sofa bed for two in Gioia, and two single beds in Emilia).


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