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Manuela Žuhović

Travel agent


+385 97 632 8668


About Somar Travel

Somar Travel was founded in 2021. with the goal of establishing an exceptional Travel Agency. Our vision was to open an agency that will be a lot more than it seems. Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism, robinson, and off-grid accommodation. 

There are three priorities in our business code - making sure that our guests have the best possible experience, leaving the lowest negative impact on nature around us, bringing help and joy to people in need. We believe that is what makes it truly exceptional.

At Somar Travel we offer the professional experience and knowledge needed to plan your ultimate trip. No matter what type of travel plan you’re looking for, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

A bit about me

My name is Manuela and I am the owner of the agency. I grew up on Pelješac surrounded by guests and tourism. Ever since my grandfather told me that his father was the first person in our little village to build an indoor toilet, I knew that I have to continue with the family tradition by bringing new experiences to life. 

From a young age, I helped my grandparents in their Bed and breakfast by cleaning and serving food.
When I went to the high school of Tourism and hospitality, my parents started working in tourism. My mother was in charge of the apartments for rent and my father was driving boat excursions. 

After high school in Dubrovnik, I received my master's degree from the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality in Opatija. Now, it was time to work properly so I found a job in a travel agency (in Zagreb and Dubrovnik). With some experience, I was ready to take over the family business of managing accommodation units and accepting guests. The last job I had was in Rovinj where I worked as the hotel manager. 

Opening Somar Travel agency was the next logical step. I realized how much of an impact each individual has on the environment and I wanted to do my part - personally and professionally. My boyfriend and I bought a piece of land in a remote part of central Istria where we live in our little off-grid ''village''. We are working on our sustainable camp Green Point where we are building robinson style accommodation like treehouses and wooden tents. We want to create a place where you can come and relax surrounded by nature and good company. There are many places in Croatia and in the world where you can experience off-grid living so that is what I want to provide to anyone. 

Hopes & Dreams

Here at Somar Travel, we strive for positive change, and since our beginnings, we’ve been driven by the idea that if everyone helped someone, there will be no one left in need of help. 

We, Somar Travel agency, are raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them most. We are aware that travel is a luxury and not everyone can afford it, which is why we decided to allocate one-third of the agency commission for various humanitarian actions such as organizing summer excursions for less fortunate children.

Besides raising money, we are keeping our robinson camp open to any kind of humanitarian activity. We plan to organize workshops and weekend getaways for those in need, especially for children so they can learn about nature, sustainability, make new friends, learn new skills.

We will actively search for like-minded people and businesses in the tourism industry and beyond that will gladly partner with us, so we can make as much impact as we can. 

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

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